Important updates on SCI Data Retention and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Alongside technical improvements in the next release of CMF software we will be making some changes to the registration process to ensure compliance with GDPR. In the meantime we would like to 1) confirm what information we will gather about you during registration, and what we may use it for 2) inform you that should you not wish to opt-in to receive communications from CMF and/or SCI concerning products, services etc then please do not go ahead with the download process but contact us directly. We will then be able to grant you access to the software without you opting-in to other communications.

As part of the registration process we will record your name and email address, and you will be notified that each time you run the software a record is made in our Software Users’ Database. This information and recording is used to ensure that you will be automatically informed when software updates are released, and that should you choose to ignore an update which we know to be safety critical, we can contact you directly to make you aware of the situation. We will also record which software version you are using and on which PC platform. This information is used by us to help resolve any technical problems you may have in running the software. Any other information we record will not be used, and will be deleted from the database as part of our on-going updating.